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Daniel Frei

Swiss born, Swedish distilled, and US bottled, Daniel Frei studied film and music. He has produced and directed award winning shorts, TV documentaries, and commercials (did he do a music video?)

He started out at David Brown (Jaws, The Verdict, Chocolate). He switched to work as a non-fiction producer/director for European TV networks such as ZDF, ProSieben, RTL with the Munich and New York based production house Preview Production.

Frei likes the development and execution of branded content (clients include Mercedes-Benz, Intel, CitiBank). He has a background in art, working for Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneers  and holds a audio engineering diploma.

However, at this point if you are interested to learn more about Daniel Frei, grabbing a beverage with him would probably be best.

Adam PrayAdam Pray is a producer and director whose projects have been broadcast and exhibited all over the world for more than 10 years. After graduating from California State University, Pray began his career working as an assistant to some of Hollywood’s most successful producers and directors including Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Vacation, Caddyshack), Lindsay Doran (Sense & Sensibility, Ghost, Stranger Than Fiction) and Neil Burger (Divergent, The Illusionist).

In 2007 Pray moved to Brooklyn to produce documentaries for National Geographic thus expanding his cinematic reach throughout Europe and Africa. In 2013, Pray produced the feature film, FEMRAT, in Albania which currently holds the title of Albania’s all-time highest grossing film.

Along the way, Pray has picked up credits hundreds of projects in myriad formats including commercials, sitcoms, reality tv, music videos, feature films and documentaries. He continues to base operations out of New York City while travelling the world and working to build a cinematic revolution.

Manon Courtine
Manon Courtine is a French producer and production manager, that found her roots in Brooklyn. After studying her passion for films and tv at Paris Cité-Sorbonne, she moved to New York, where she has thrived in the production world. 

From TV shows to feature, with some music videos, commercials and documentaries in the mix, she’s produced pretty much any format. In the last year she was part of the production team on HBO’s The Vow, CW’s Two Sentence Horror Stories and Disney+’s The Big Fib.

She has been working on an international TV musical series, Good Guys Don’t Turn Me On, that’s in its final stages of development with French, American and British stars attached.

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